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Periodontal disease represents an important concern of public health worldwide and it is probably the most common chronic infectious disease among human kind. When it comes to complex oral rehabilitation cases that require periodontal treatments, predictable biofilm removal is essential.

Some periodontal bacterial species have the ability to invade the epithelium leading to reduced outcome of SRP when used as a sole therapy. The use of lasers as a complementary procedure to conventional therapy may facilitate treatment outcomes with improved periodontal regeneration potential. Some laser assisted periodontal procedures as aPDT use photosensitizers like dyes or different substances activated by different laser wavelengths ranging from 630 nm to 810 nm in order to eliminate periodontal bacteria. Until now, there was no report about photoactivation of any solutions with the 940 nm wavelength in order to increase the antimicrobial effect against periodontal microorganisms.

This webinar will present the antimicrobial effect of the hydrogen peroxide photoactivation with 940 nm diode laser as a new evidence-based procedure for this wavelength.

Learning Objectives:

The suggested protocol may represent a new alternative for the 940 nm diode users in the treatment of periodontal disease, eliminating the need for local or general antibiotic administration and their side effects.

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13 iunie 2020

A New Therapeutic Approach for 940 Diode Laser in Periodontal Treatment – Dr. Odor’s protocol


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